A arma secreta para trisoft

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“Bed was excellent. Lighting was on point. Storage space and division of spaces was awesome. Common spaces were nice. Having a kitchen and dining area was a nice touch.”

TriSoft® ceiling system makes it easy to add faceted dimensionality and quiet elegance to interiors. Its triangular faceted pyramid faces are composed of our Soft Sound® acoustical material (100% PET plastic with up to 60% recycled content) with a metal substructure.

The effect is multiplied throughout the ambient, making a construction from the light itself. Throughout the days, throughout the months, the hollowed-out elements take on different forms with the incidence of the sun; at night, this effect once again is transformed; in a continuous process of metamorphosis, its form changes from the light.

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Set back from the street, the 112 sq m store is entered via a courtyard through website an aluminium gate that flips open to create a roof during the day.

* In this case it is an entire panel, which is not made by website modules like the traditional Brazilian cobogós. This is one of the first results obtained from the series of modular panels "Continua", created by Erwin Hauer and elaborated through digital means, including CATIA software, developed by Gehry Technologies.

This property also has one of the top-rated locations in Sãeste Paulo! Guests are happier check here about it compared to other properties in the area.

Modular & Dynamic TriSoft® is a perfectly scalable system, and its faceted modules can be configured in an endless array of dynamic layouts. Mix and match module and node types to bring your creative vision to life.


Ao seleccionar um papel por parede de modo a o quarto, deve evitar cores more info densas, padrões ené especialmentergicos e uma paleta exuberante, porque Têm a possibilidade de perturbar e desmanchar a atmosfera calma e repousante qual 1 quarto deve deter. Para uma aposta segura, escolha sempre cores e padrões suaves e subtis.

Used as partition walls to separate rooms, the cobogó create unusual graphics and light effects around the apartment.

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campana brothers fernando and humberto are brazilian designers whose work incorporates click here the idea of transformation and reinvention. the duo gives preciousness to poor, mundane or common materials translating them into furniture, installations, interiors or products; while simultaneously expressing their south american roots through color, rich textures and creative chaos resulting in a triumph of simple solutions.

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